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If you enjoyed visiting, perhaps you may find some of the following sites of interest! Keep checking back as we continue to add new links!

Aquacare Environment Inc.
Fish farming tanks, Radial flow separators, Micro screen filters, Biofilters, Pumps, Controls, Waste to energy systems, Wetland effluent treatment

Aquaculture Communications Group
(ACG) has a mission to be a world-class facilitator for the sourcing and exchange of aquaculture science, technology, and business information

Aquaculture Communications Group blog
blog on recent events and information on aquaculture

Aquaculture and Fish Producer database including Equipment and Services Suppliers, articles, links to markets, trading boards and additional aquaculture resources

The Aquaculture Network Information Center is a gateway to the world's electronic aquaculture resources.

BC Salmon Facts
The real story about Farmed Salmon - Get the truth!

BC Salmon Farmers Association
The BCSFA is the voice of British Columbia's environmentally sustainable farmed salmon industry.

Code of conduct (downloadable version)
Best management practices adopted by the Washington Fish Growers Assn.

An important source of information and advice in the ongoing discussion of Federal aquaculture policy and commitment.

National Aquaculture Assn.
To provide a unified national voice for aquaculture that ensures its sustainability, protects its profitability, and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Review of Potential Impacts of Atlantic Salmon Culture on Puget Sound Chinook Salmon and Hood Canal Summer-Run Chum Salmon Evolutionarily Significant Units (U.S. Dept. Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-53).

National Marine Fisheries Service
Code of Conduct for Responsible Aquaculture Development in the US EEZ

Northern Aquaculture News
The Voice of Coldwater Aquaculture in North America since 1985

Rich Elliott - Attorney
Representing aquaculture industry on permitting matters and disputes before administrative tribunals and state courts

Seagrant News Media Center - taking coastal science topics to the public

Silvercup Fish Feed owned by Skretting
One of the largest commercial fish feed manufacturers in the country

Swecker SEO
Need to improve your website to see it rank higher on Google searches? We can help you.

SweetSprings Salmon
Cultivated a strain of Pacific Coho that thrives in the purest of spring water.

World renowned trout and salmon breeding specialists. Eyed salmonid eggs are our business.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Atlantic Salmon in Washington State: A Fish Management Perspective

For over 30 years, your trusted source for approved fish hatchery products

Western Regional Aquaculture Center
WRAC was developed to take advantage of the best aquaculture science, educational skills, and facilities within a twelve-state area


NZ salmon is the Wagyu beef of the... (08/29/16)

Seattle Salmon Flooded With Cocain... (08/29/16)

BFAR, Capitol promote sustainable a... (08/29/16)

20 million “off-season” ova ordered (08/29/16)



Marine Cage Culture and the Environment: Twenty-first Century Science Informing a Sustainable Industry
Mariculture in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
NOAA-sponsored technical report addressing the beneficial, floating reef effects of net pen aquaculture

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