The Daily News Headlines will be switching to a new format soon


The Daily News Headlines will be changing to a new format and distribution platform over the next week. This service is being altered because of our change from the Washington Fish Growers Association to the Northwest Aquaculture Alliance.

We intend to send out the new product to all of our previous subscribers for a few days. Eventually we will switch to a list of NWAA members and paid subscribers.

The cost of an annual subscription, if you are not a a member, is $25. However, we would appreciate you considering joining NWAA as an individual member for $100 per year. This will help us build our credibility with the industry, agencies and the media. Let me know what your plans are.

Thank you all for your interest and loyalty to the aquaculture industry. It has been quite a ride for me since first starting my fish farm 45 years ago. If for any reason you stop receiving these headlines in the current or new format, please contact me.

Dan Swecker