More scientists appeal before WA salmon farming ban vote


Two more sign appeal for science briefing ahead of Washington salmon farming ban vote

Two more "globally recognized" fisheries scientists have added their names to the Feb. 28, 2018 open letter to the Washington legislature asking for the opportunity to provide a science briefing prior to a vote on House Bill 2957, which would ban the farming of Atlantic salmon in the US state.

Joining the original list of signatories are Walton Dickhoff, former director of the Environmental Conservation Division of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, who is also" a globally respected" fish endocrinologist; and Jon Lindbergh, an international voice for science and respected aquaculture consultant, said the Washington Fish Growers Association (WFGA).

Dan Swecker, executive director of the WFGA, said he was pleased with the support it has received since....................................

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